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Be careful over there & let me know how the ice looks. ;D

Hey folks ,
I am always looking to fish with someone , I live in Vermillion but will travel . I also have my Neb license . I do have snowmobiles for when the ice gets thick enough . I am not afraid to try new lakes .

Hello all,

I am new to the site but have been ice fishing for over 20 years in the Black Hills. There is some great information on here!

Greetings.  I am also new to the site, but have been fishing regularly for the last 7 years in Central, SD.  This site is wonderful!

Just moved to Vermillion SD. Having trouble finding good ice fishing spots. The vermillion river is all frozen, but idk if its frozen thick enough uniformly to go ice fishing on. The Missouri has some sheets of ice and big ice jambs, but i sure as heck wouldn't go walk out on it. Found one lake that looks ok, but access is a bit tough as it is obviously not being frequently used. Kinda hard to know if the ice on it is any good. Thinking of heading over to the lewis and clark lake towards Yankton for some ice fishing.

Would appreciate some leads on ice fishing here in South East SD or I'd be happy to buy the beer and tag along with a group if anyone's open to it.


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