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Ice Fishing Meet-up's and Invites!

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Ice Fishing Meet-up's and Invites!

Heading out to the ice by yourself? Or maybe you'd like to meet up with some fellow Ice Shanty members while out on the ice? Looking for a fishing partner? Willing to share some of your techniques and knowledge with some of the people just getting started ice fishing? New to the area?

This thread is intended to be a place where you can invite someone to meet up with you, or where you can offer to help those new to ice fishing or new to your area. It is also a place where beginners can seek advice while out on the ice.

Post a little bit about yourself such as: Your location, favorite species, where you'd like to fish, vehicle or shanty description, where on on the ice you might be, etc.

Disclaimer: Please use common sense and proper caution when accepting/offering invites to others. If you are under the age of eighteen (18) posting to this thread is prohibited.

This post is great  :clap:

so is this where we should post about a hut party?


--- Quote from: SoDakdick on Nov 17, 2014, 09:45 AM ---so is this where we should post about a hut party?

--- End quote ---

This was placed so folks would have a thread where they could find each other on the ice, offer an invite, ask for some help learning about ice fishing, new people moving into the area, etc.

If there is enough interest in a SD Hut Party, and someone is willing to take lead on it, PM me and I will set up a dedicated Hut Party thread, fair enough?

- wyoutdoors  :tipup:

Any of the greater Sioux falls area ice fishermen out there wanna hit Scott's slough or somewhere else close to home let me know. My roommate and I are gonna go out Saturday and catch whatever we can. Just be nice to drill some holes again.


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