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Any lakes in Michigan with Rainbow Trout?????

Reel Wet Ride:
Bird Lake near Osseo, MI. (souther lower) I've never fished it, but I know plenty of guys do and catch they're share. From what I've heard, standard presentaions work just fine, nothing fancy, no strange bird lake secret. Can't tell ya anything more than that....sorry.

 Try this link. Has all the fish stockings in MI.

I fish Bird Lake alot for perch.  Its deep.  Thirty foot in most spots.  It's not
designated as a trout lake therefore you can fish it year round instead of having
a season.  It's got big rainbows and lots of them ( a heavy DNR stocking program).
They are all hybrids so they can grow to unlimited size.  I mark alot of them
swimming about 5' under the ice chasing the schools of shad the stocked for them.
In front of the acess is as good as any other place.  Try corn for chum and bait
small treble hooks with corn kernels.  Or try a minnow on a ball head jig.  Catch
a bunch of these rainbows as they are screwing up my panfishing.  Thanks.



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