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Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Crappie at night
« Last post by THE JIGGER on Today at 12:32 AM »
Glo jig is key. I tip it with a waxie or piece of worm. I just bring my Colman lantern. I've been getting them around 13 to 15ft. If you don't have a glo jig use the rubber glo waxies. They work fine.
Check my last two posts
Ice Fishing Idaho / Re: North Idaho Ice
« Last post by plfish on Today at 12:20 AM »
D4DBlue Lake should be good to go.   Didnt fish it last weekend but hit it the previous weekends.  The last few nights have been in the single digits to mid teens so it should be fairly firm. There was a slush layer mid way through but there was 6-7 below the slush layer the last time I was there (about 10-11 total). Im hoping to hit it Sunday since I cant get out tomorrow. Bite was slow but that was over a week ago.  Caught perch, LMB, crappie, and a couple of pumpkinseed. Had plenty for a dinner plus a fish chowder.
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / And again
« Last post by THE JIGGER on Jan 28, 2022, 11:58 PM »
I figured I'd go out Friday night before the storm. Good call I ended up with 17 crappie and a lot of bluegills in between. The fish ran bigger than the other night.

Anyone know if people have been out on West Branch in Putnam?

Scouting run Weds.  West Branch main lake is open water and the causeway north side is a hard pass for me.  East Branch has some fishable ice if you pack light (I don't).  Bog Brook and Gleneida is a no-go.  Gilead I've fished 3x this week; same story as most of the other similar local waters, there is old ice that I trust and areas that were open water last week.  I'm still wearing a life vest and spudding everywhere I walk.  Can't speak as to the other Putnam waters but, just like last year, I have seen more people out there than I've ever seen before, and I also haven't heard of any water rescues yet. 
Ice Fishing Utah / Re: FG 1-14/1-17
« Last post by Madplumber on Jan 28, 2022, 11:42 PM »
Decided to brush dust off of gear has been couple years decided to try the burbat bash this weekend I have been out there out day and have not caught one ling what am I doing wrong I am next to cliffs south of fire hole and have the right baits this is the first time I have been here
Ice Fishing Massachusetts / And again
« Last post by THE JIGGER on Jan 28, 2022, 11:42 PM »
Got out Friday night before the storm came in. Good call.
 I ended up with 17 crappie and caught a lot of blue gills in between. They ran a larger than the other night.

Ice Fishing Massachusetts / Re: Finally got into them
« Last post by THE JIGGER on Jan 28, 2022, 11:31 PM »
Were you in MA, Dick? At the pond that I first met you at?

Yes Rich.How you doing?
Hell im 6'2" and 290 and fish out of a tiny fx100.theres not many flips that you can stand in if 6ft.maybe the clam legend.
Ice Fishing Saskatchewan / Re: Iroquois
« Last post by whitetip on Jan 28, 2022, 11:20 PM »
Was anyone at Iroquois today. Wondering about access and if you can drive on the lake
I have the ice runner expedition. 62 and I can stand up. Only downside is you gotta bring your own chair. Borderline one man carry but drags nice bc its light. Pleased with it so far.  Plenty of space for 2 big adults and very roomy for one.
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