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put me in please
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: Gloves
« Last post by bigvfb on Today at 02:23 PM »
i usually dont wear any gloves but when i do i wear the fingerless wool gloves. very warm and easy to slip off when a flag goes up.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: what line is best
« Last post by Walks on Water on Today at 01:36 PM »
I don't see why your line choice would be any different from a spinning or baitcasting reel. I like 8# or 10# braid with a 4# mono leader, but that's just me.

It can make a difference with fluorocarbon. An 8 or 10 lb fluoro sometimes falls off a spinning reel spool in coils when you don't want it to. That can't happen with a baitcaster.

I'm using baitcasters on my outside rods this winter. Braid freezes outside and 8-10 lb fluoro is easier to control when the spool is contained on each end.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: what line is best
« Last post by cwavs1982 on Today at 01:35 PM »
My rule is 3# flourocarbon.  Most of the times I am fishing in 10-25 ft of water.  Rarely go deeper than that because of the threat of killing panfish.  Pros will say shallow to go to 2# mono, and deeper than that to go to either flourocarbon or braid.  I fish lakes that have northern, so not going to risk the 1# upgrade.

If I am fishing walleye - then its a spinning reel and either flourocarbon and braid mixed in.  Started using more braid last year and going to continue that trend.  6-8# test on either of the line. 
Ice Fishing Maine / Re: Found some early ice
« Last post by 9huskies on Today at 01:20 PM »
You're braver than I am, Josh. I'll fish on the early thin ice but the only gear I bring is an old Mora hand auger and an inexpensive jig stick. If I break through I won't feel bad about leaving anything behind and won't be tempted to take any risks to recover it. The flasher and battery auger can stay safely on shore until I have more confidence in the ice.
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: what line is best
« Last post by jigmaster5 on Today at 01:09 PM »
What is the most common line used on a inline ice reel for trout and pan fish?

Most common line for inline reels is probably some kind of mono or fluoro

For me, on my inline reel, I use 2 lb Maxima Ultragreen (mono)

On most of the rest of my reels (spinning), I run a mix of Fireline Micro Ice (Crystal) w/ some kind of leader or straight fluoro (lots of good options including some of the 3G or 4G fly tippet) or mono (mostly Maxima Ultragreen + Sufix Ice Magic).
General Ice Fishing Chit Chat / Re: what line is best
« Last post by hillestadj on Today at 12:51 PM »
No complaints with Clam (Sunline) 2 and 3lb mono
Ice Fishing New York / Re: Places to stay pickerel fishing
« Last post by lowaccord66 on Today at 12:44 PM »
Is there shore fishing access in the summer time as well

Some nice meat there.
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