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I would go to The Memphremagog ice fishing site on facebook and ask.
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Smelt scent ?
« Last post by fishingidjit on Today at 12:09 PM »
I used Smelt -Rite one year at a fish tourney on shiners. All my friends laughed at me until I won the tourney with the largest pike.
Ice Fishing New York / Re: LAKE GEORGE BS THREAD
« Last post by ship of fools on Today at 11:59 AM »
I thought April was the date but don't really know. This was the cam I looked at

So close
Ice Fishing New York / Re: Great Sacandaga Lake (BS)
« Last post by jghunter on Today at 11:53 AM »
Yes I know been to that tournament we needed planks to get on and the pressure ridges were shooting water the lake was shifting side to side
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: Anybody else have one of these?
« Last post by RuttNutt on Today at 11:47 AM »
I started out magnet fishing but would pull up sparkplugs,iron in the soil and sometimes a old steel fishing spoon but most good lures like little cleos and mepps spinner are made from brass and stainless steel.most times the hooks are rusted off and the magnet doesn't stick all that great.i do carry one all the time out fishing still dad was doing it with a old snagging rod and penn reel and would cast it out.way before it became i just use my submersible coil on my metal detector these days.ive hooked so many hemos and needle nose pliers while mag fishing.the rare earth mags are real strong.

Yeah, I wondered how well it would do on lures................. ............

I probably won't "fish" with it.................... ..but if I know something is down there, will be nice to get it back!  @)
Ice Fishing New Hampshire / Re: Browns, Pike, smelt
« Last post by george_l on Today at 11:31 AM »
Great pics, looks like a great time.  That basket picture is a classic!
Ice Fishing New York / Re: Lake Placid area Ice
« Last post by badbrad2186 on Today at 11:25 AM »
Lake Placid is not open for ice fishing.

Essex County:
All waters inhabited by trout except as permitted below - Ice fishing prohibited. 

Lake Placid does not say "Ice Fishing Permitted", so by default it is prohibited.

Yes my bad I read the top wrong
Ice Fishing Pennsylvania / Re: Anybody else have one of these?
« Last post by fleasimbeck on Today at 11:24 AM »
I've magnet fished for a past few years. Kids love it. I drag it behind my kayak also in the lakes.  One toss with that 450lb magnet in the Erie tribes would get your limit.  Sorry for that. It's what we say when people ask what we're using the magnet for.
Ice Fishing Massachusetts / Re: Conditions
« Last post by Ryan51993 on Today at 11:17 AM »
not much going on in the springfield area, need to go to higher elevations to find ice.....236 isn't enough
I went out and checked some waterbodies for him. There was was far more good ice than I expected. I was finding 6-8 inches in places 20mins east of springfield. It looked like the snow from that last storm melted a bit and then refroze, adding 2-4 inches of white ice to everything.
Ice Fishing Massachusetts / Re: Good day!
« Last post by Rangerboats391 on Today at 11:14 AM »
that's a winner ;D
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