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Removing bearing races from the shaft.


I started to reply to a thread and while I was typing in My response the thread got removed{possibly because of a craiglist add}LOL
Someone had a snowmobile with a stuck bearing race on the crankshaft.Apparently they had taken the engine apart and had the crank,rod assy.where they could get it out into the open and work it over.well now I will post My ways of removing a bad bearing race.
First the outer race must be removed.If You have a torch then You can cut the old outer race off then heat the inner race until it is glowing red then slide it off of the shaft.It might take a bit of a jar to get it started but it should slide off relatively easily.Just try and not overheat the shaft.

The second way is without a torch.It is a MUST THAT YOU WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING WHEN PERFORMING THIS SECOND METHOD!!!!!!! as I have had shards of steel penetrate through a tshirt and lodge very deep into My belly skin.
The outer race and then the inner race can be remove in this manner.For the outer race You may need to repeat this process on the opposite side to get the outer race to FALL off.

Get the shaft assembly into the open and preferably clamped in a vice using rags or some other method to protect the shaft from the jaws of the vice.
Using a larger size hammer such as a 4 pound,hold this hammer firmly in place against the bottom of the race then using a smaller hammer,but not to small,firmly strike the topside of the bearing race and repeat this process until the bearing race shatters and splits.It can then be slid off of the shaft.If the bearing races have seen a lot of heat during the failure this method may or may not work for splitting the inner race.If the race is black from to much heat then You can continue sriking the race moving around it and it will eventually stretch enough to get it slid off.
Be careful to not strike the shaft as this can make flat spots where a seal or someother component may ride.If You do accidently strike the shaft the high spots can be remove using a file,emery or sandpaper.Just try and not beat the crap out of it. :roflmao: :roflmao: :whistle:
I have used this method over the years and have had great success with it.


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