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how many miles can you sled guys get on your plugs?? mine keeep going on me 2nd time in 120 miles..

Sounds like you may have something more then a brokenline...... Oil injected or do you mix? Is the plug folwing? More info I may be of some help.

it is injected and they are a nice brown color i cant figure it out ???

A little more background if you would. Have you checked the spark? pull the plug, put the wire on it and ground. Turn her over. Do you have spark? What color is it? Be careful when doing this it can and will knock you on your butt if you do it with a bare hand.

i think it is and electrical problem because the engine quits wehn i have teh hand warmers on high, lights on high and when i hit the brake light the engine quits let off the brake it is fine or if i shut the warmers off its fine.. so i dont know..


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