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drying out seat foam???

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okay so my sled for this year did not come with a seat. so i searched everywhere and finally found the right foam, but it is waterlogged bad. i do not want to put my new seat cover on this because i do not want it to freeze and ruin it. i had it inside the house for about a week now and it has dried some, but the middle still seems to be very wet.

what do you guys think?

Squeeze the snot out of it so the water moves to different parts of the foam and keep it inside till it dries.

Get one of those ShamWOWs :D

I agree with seadog, hand the cushion from a corner and let gravity do its job. Like hanging a paint brush after washing it the water will slowly drip out. Hang it in a warm place if possible.

Once dry I found that spraying the cushion with camp dry helped repel further wetness and helped kept the foam from dry rotting.

Most guys i know that have sunk their sleds dry the seat by standing it on end over a hot air register in their house (once it's stopped dripping) I've heard it can take up to 2 weeks for one to fully dry out. If you don't dry it completely, once it's outside in the cold it freezes and it's like sitting on a chunk of wood.


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