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Machine that will get You there then take You out onto the ICE.GREAT

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Here`s a machine with a bit of a different twist to it,Couple it up with  a set chains after You get there and You are ready for anything. ;D

i know you are just kidding, but i would not want to ride that on the roads when the likelyhood of ice is high.  also, with only one drive wheel (im assuming the rear wheel is the drive wheel like on a motorcycle) your traction would be really bad i think even with chains.

id like to try one out in the summer though

When I watched the video and the driver was doing some burnouts it appeared to be front wheel drive and accelerated quit nicely and controlabelly from the stop sign. :)

that is a front wheel drive machine.


I saw one of them pull into Walmart a couple months back. Very eye catching when you havent seen one before


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