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What do you use for oil in your ATV

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I got a Honda Rubicon this summer used. Saw the question for what to use in an auger and thought the same thing for atv's. Is Synthetic ok if it was not started when new. What do the rest of you use.

Castrol 4t motorcycle oil in 10-40 .
Seems to work well for my ATV especially in extreme cold for easy starting . I also use 2 oz of sea foam in the oil and 3oz to a full tank of gas .

ice dawg:
0W40 synthetic.


--- Quote from: ice dawg on Nov 10, 2008, 06:56 PM ---0W40 synthetic.

--- End quote ---

I use 0w40 in my Sportsman 500 and it starts in the wickedest cold, even after a -20F trailer ride. :)

Amsoil is the leader in synthetic lubricants, and they will be happy to answer any of your questions. The quick answer is YES, dump it in! You will be fine, even if the engine started its life on conventional oils.

You will never regret making the switch.

I am usually an Amsoil booster but............ I had to stop running it in my 01 Cat.  The 0W-40 says that it's ok for wet clutch applications but after a few oil changes with it I was starting to notice gear slippage and blow by coming out the exhaust.  I have now gone back to the factory Cat oil. It seems to have a little more "traction" in it. (lol, not usually a desireable oil property)

Amsoil = too good for my machine.


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