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ATV/UTV tracks

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Hey any of you guys that have tracks for your atv's/utv's put studs in them? I have a Polaris Ranger with Prospector II tracks and have been running ice screws in the lugs but I am thinking about studding them this year and was hoping for some input. I have looked for recommendations from the manufacture but can't seem to find anything. I'm just curious if anyone has had any bad experiences with them ripping out. I would have to think that due to the slow track speed it wouldn't be that much of a problem, as long as the studs are the right length for the lug height. Sure would like to hear some other views on this. Thanks

I say if they can stud a snowmobile track why not those. Just have to create the right pattern i guess.

i have tatou 4 season tracks on my rhino and they are predrilled for studs

Where in the track are they drilled? Are they just in the center or on the outside belt as well?

How do you guys like your tracks thinking about getting some for mu atv? Do they work very good in deep snow like they say?


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