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wiper blades-this works!

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facing a 3 hour drive befor dawn in a downpour last weekend, i remembered my wiper blades were shot- i only remember when its raining- and the auto store was closed.
i had an idea i'd been considering for some time.
i got a new green scotchbrite scrubbie and scrubbed along the length of the blades, removing all of the oxidized, weather-checked old rubber, getting down to some fresh meat.
this worked like a champ!
the blades work as well as brand new.
i'm sure i can do this several more times before needing new blades.
try it- it works!

Marcum Man:
good advice...thanks, I will try it today b/c my truck is in need of new blades.....

 That's funny I was just thinking ,there must be something I could do to tune mine up .I'll give it a try.

I do something similiar:

When I wash my windshield, I take a a paper towel dipped in washer fluid and run it down each side of the wiper blade.  Sure seems to make the blades last longer. 

I bought a new truck this year so the blades are only a few months old. But I will switch to the ANCO winter blades once the snow starts. They have that rubber wrapped around all the hinged joints and from my experience, will stand up through the worst of winter blizzards. There is nothing worse that trying to clean your windshield in a storm with a blade that is falling apart and will not hold up to the elements. I too do a cleaning of the blades when I wash the truck but I have never considered the use of scotchbrite. It makes sense and I think I might try it.


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