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1995 ski-doo 670???


I was given 2 snowmobiles but i can't figure out what model one of them is.  It is pull start with no reverse and the only writing on it is ski-doo 670 rotax RAVE august 1995.  Any help would be great!

FORMULA Z 670, 583

Sporty sleds with torquey motors, compact configurations
and aggressive, yet comfortable suspensions.

Rotax 670 engine on Formula Z 670 model. 669cc. Liquid-cooled. Rotary valves, R.A.V.E. Mikuni VM-40 carbs. Tuned pipe to spiral muffler.
Rotax 583 engine on Formula Z 583 model. 581cc. Liquid-cooled. Rotary valves,
R.A.VE. Mikuni VM-40 carbs. Tuned pipe to spiral muffler.
ARC fully-coupled rear suspension on Formula Z 670 model with I 1 inches of travel.
SC-10 High Performance on Formula Z 583 model. Adjustable ACM coupler makes the sled sit flatter to the trail during acceleration, increasing ski pressure.
DSA front suspensions with 7.7 inches of travel Motion Control gas @, wide plastic skis.
Bombardier hydraulic disc brake

This should help some too................

thats great!! thanks a bunch!!



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