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Jimmy, here in Colorado we can only have a 10" hole. Even at that size, when the wind fills them with snow, I have put a leg in one up to my knee. Darn cold. Can you imagine what the ice cracking sound like when those truck run over it. When the ice cracks under my bucket it gives me chills. Wishin for ice. afishingfool

I thought NY was bad.... Wonder who did what so someone had to make a law to regulate hole size ???

I would assume someone with small children decided on hole size. Anything bigger than 10" would be very dangerous. Even 10" is very dangerous to small children, animals, drunk icefishermen, and icefishermen not paying attention.



--- Quote from: anderson_dc on Sep 09, 2008, 01:39 PM ---Big fan of the show although i liked last season more then this season.  I will also agree the Drew is just a putz and Rick thinks he is the tough SOB in the world; put the two together and you can tell they are only doing it for the tv exposure.  Hats off to the guys who grind it day in and out and put down some serious loads and time on the ice.

Ive iced fishing in -20 to -25 below with the wind howling and it wasnt that bad when you were in the shelter with a little heat going; that walk in and out to your spot was less then pleasureable though...  I cannot imagine what -50 degrees feels like...

--- End quote ---

I can................... .......we had 10 days last winter where it was -70F with the wind chill!!!!
I can tell you it's...

FREAKING COLD!!!!!!!  :woot: :woot: :woot: :woot:


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