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Black Strap ???

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friendly fishing:
hello does anyone here know anything about Black Strap this winter ?
 I went there today and came home skunked  not sure were the best fishing is on that lake was told that there is pleanty of fish in the lake this yr by the DNR but yet to find a good spot but then again this is my first time on the lake hope I do better next time out  If anyone knows what the fish are biting on that might help my chances ??

thanks in advance

it has been a slow year so far on blackstrap i dont know where you were fishing but try in front of thode by the pump house it can be good or on the north side of the cause way  just make sure to be mobile

friendly fishing:
Well I have been on this lake again and have found it to be a waste of my time as there are no fish biting on here what so ever and even if they did bite it would be useless as someone keeps feeding the fish with discarded fish carcasess that have been filleted on the ice then thrown down the holes  and they throw thier garbage down the holes as well discarded cans and other things that could be and should be transported off the ice and put in the trash cans wich are on the way off the ice I hate anglers that think the bottom of the lake is for thier trash it is were fish are trying to survive and we all wonder why fish are contaminated and die of lack of oxegen its because of morons that throw out thier garbage under the ice because they are to lazy to take it off with them black strap lake will one day not have any fish left for our kids because it is a dumping ground for ignorant people who dont think of anyone but themselves .

i have seen this to and it seeems that nobody seems to the. its not my problem is the atitude of the day now.

no fish in myhole:
I've fished blackstap a few times this year, the fish seem to bite only dead lines with a big smelt. I've pulled out a few 10 pounder's (jack).  Seen some whitefish with the camera, very few perch.  A friend of mine caught a 25 pound jack   and 7.5 pound walley this year.


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