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First Time At Tarryall

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Jonathan’s classmate Mirielle and her Dad, Dave, joined us today at Tarryall. Arrived around 9:30, set up (got to use my gas powered 10” auger for the first time… yippee) and it was pretty well non-stop action on 10 to 12 inch stockers all day. Hooking them was another matter! It was easily five bites to each hookup. Luckily, we didn't wait too long between bites.

We set up in the northeast corner down from the first parking lot we came to. Warden came just as we arrived and said that was where he liked to fish. Thank you Mr. Warden! Fished in 9 to 30 feet of water.

Yellow Genz worm tipped with blue and orange sparkle Powerbait and a pink ratso with a meal worm were the trick. Deadsticking was what worked.

Snowed most of the day and the wind let us know it was December. Good solid 8" of ice with 2 to 4" of snow. Began drifting as the day wore on. We left the ice a little after 4:00. Saw probably 4 or 5 other shacks across and way down the lake. Pretty peaceful and quiet. Guess that's partly why I enjoy ice fishing. That plus frozen fingers and toes makes it all worth while!

Jonathan and Mirielle didn’t spend more than 15 minutes in a hut all day. Jonathan did watch the pole while I set out two tipups and he caught three fish, bang, bang, bang!

We had three flags today and Dave landed his first ever Colorado Pike. The pike nearly spooled the tipup before Dave got to it. He was lovin’ it today. Said it reminded him of back home in Michigan. Dave’s ice fished with me off on and off the past few years. He’s got a Vexilar and it sure helps setting up tipups for pike.

Had to add some of the two Dad’s trout catches! Just now looking at this next picture of Jonathan and I and the one just above with Dave and Mirielle... what a day! These will be some cherished memories.............. ........

And the kids playing and playing. Lots of laughter today! With the right clothing, boots and gloves... they're in heaven!

What a drive home in the dark. Snowing hard and it was difficult to ever get over 40 mph. But it was worth it… fishing and playing with good friends is what its all about.

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great report . Hope to make it there for the first time within the next few weeks.

Kids look like they had a blast! I've never fished there.

If you don't mind, what bait do you use with your tip ups to get the pike.  I'd love to give that place a try.


--- Quote from: RLS on Dec 12, 2007, 06:41 PM ---If you don't mind, what bait do you use with your tip ups to get the pike.  I'd love to give that place a try.

--- End quote ---

I had some 5' - 6" frozen whole suckers. Good luck. Fished them between 1' and 2' off the bottom.


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