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St. Marys Thanksgiving Day


My cousin and I shot up to the lake for a few hours yesterday.  The lake is frozen 4-8" all the way across.  We caught 20 or so brookies on small jigs and waxies, kept 5 bigger models(8-10") for dinner.  We are deep frying a turkey today with some family from Wisconsin so yesterday was kind of a free day.  I stopped by Evergreen Lake on the way home, frozen end to end but wasn't thick enough to support my weight.

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

Sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me. St. Mary's looks like a cool place to kick off a great ice fishing season.

duck doctor:
I don't get it.........were you trout fishing and caught a bass or were you fishing with bass for trout?  LOL!

Beer, Ice, and Fish..Can it get any better?? Nice work!

I was up there yesterday, mid afternoon, with one of my friends. we caught about 10 fish in 2 hours


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