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Colorado River Pikeminnow... 80 lbs!

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--- Quote from: PGKris on Feb 05, 2007, 11:21 PM ---They don't...usually....average maybe 20" where I'm from....but I pull em out every year bigger than 5 lbs. Never cracked the 7lb mark yet though....been close....longest I ever got was 29"...only 5 1/2 lbs...real thin

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they any good to eat :blink:

I've caught probably 500,000 pikeminnow. I cut my spinning, flyfishing and icefishing teeth on them. I've seen big ones, but never landed one. I'd have to see one that weighed more than 20lbs before I'd believe it, to be honest. The big ones fight alright but for the most part they aren't worth targetting. I like to go after the big ones in the summer because they pull pretty good.

Lots of bones, some people can them, I've had it canned, they're not bad.

Big difference between the very plentiful 'Northern Pikeminnow' found in Southwest Canada and Northwest U.S. and the endangered much larger 'Colorado Pikeminnow'. Two separate species of fish. There's even a bounty placed on the northern pikeminnow in Idaho because of all the salmon they eat.

The Colorado pikeminnow (formerly Colorado squawfish) is a torpedo-shaped fish with an olive-green and gold back, silver sides and white belly. These fish spawn between late June and early September when they are 5-6 years old and at least 16 inches long. Similar to salmon, Colorado pikeminnow can migrate more than 200 miles to spawn. The largest minnow in North America and one of the largest in the world, the Colorado pikeminnow at one time may have lived 50 or more years, growing to nearly 6 feet long and weights of up to 80 pounds. In the last 30 years, the largest Colorado pikeminnow found in the upper Colorado River basin was nearly 38 inches long and weighed about 25 pounds.


--- Quote from: PGKris on Feb 05, 2007, 11:25 PM ---I've caught probably 500,000 pikeminnow.

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I wish i had the washington state bounty on PGKris' 500,000 squawfish.  The state pays 3-5 dollars per fish you catch out of the Colmbia River System.  I have never done it but i know some people who make trips up the river and if you can find them they make a couple hundred bucks.  Im not sure if they do the bounty anymore it have been a few years since i have live at home but as long as they are gobbling up salmon smolt im sure they have a price on their head.

Well they look identical :-\ Either way, putting a bounty on them is pointless. They breed, and breed, and breed some ore. And they don't really compete with salmon :-\


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