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Be careful I heard the ice is getting thin close to shore.


--- Quote from: SUCKERMEAT on Feb 09, 2007, 06:36 PM ---Be careful I heard the ice is getting thin close to shore.

--- End quote ---

First off, the ice was fine. There were quite a few people spread out all over the lake. Fishing was sporadic. My buddy and I got 11 in about 3 hours of fishing. The biggest was 15" No lakers though. We'll definetly go back as long as the ice stays safe.

We were using meal worms on small grubs in 15 to 20 feet of water. The smaller the jig, the better, as long as you could feel it. The bites were very light.

Just got back.  Had 2 major hits during the early morning, then it dropped off.  Fished in about 80 to 100 feet of water.  Moved around alot.  The ice is ok, but lots and lots of water on top.  The edges are starting to melt and get very squishy.  Saw one small Rainbow caught and oen mac.  Wind started at 1 and blew me off.

Did anyone go to Gross this weekend?

yep and it sucked.
no fish, Again.  been skunked every time this year at gross

dont know what the deal is.  Right bait right tackle, just cant set the hook

Should I let it run for a few seonds or when the rod dips, give it a yank.

trying to set the hook has not worked in 5 trips.  missed every fish


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