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First time heading to Narrow Hills for Ice fishing. Can anyone point me in a direction for Splake and Tiger's. Is it worth heading up that way? I know Echo is a popular spot but I'm wondering about Piprell. No sled. Only 4x4 vehicle or walking. Unsure about best depths and how accessible anything in this area is without a sled.
Lots of the posts I've read are from over 5 years ago. Would really appreciate any new info on some spots to try.

It is a tough area to ice fish in   if wanting to go walk out Id just try piprell lk  most species and best chance there   lodging as well and great owners up there   

could walk into burtlein for tiger trout, but its a hike and fishing is tough

good luck

 Heard it's been slow out that way lately.  Most of the few fish I do catch at piprell are splake and I did catch some tigers at the beginning of December.   The tigers will be shallower and the splake can be anywhere, depending on what they're eating.  Good luck, let us know how you make out.

likely you will catch some suckers in piprell as well

Can confirm Burtlein is a pain to walk onto, and that the fishing is tough. You'd probably be the only one on the lake if you did go though. I did it with my brother and dad and we barely avoided getting skunked.

Piprell is easier.


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