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Perch smackdown

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Team CO.F.F.:

--- Quote from: mtnhillbilly on Dec 30, 2022, 02:45 PM ---Nice work! I love the late start quickish sessions. ive been getting on the ice around 2 lately  ;D

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Hard to beat em😂

Team CO.F.F.:

--- Quote from: SLAYERFISH on Dec 30, 2022, 06:17 PM ---Man I wonder where the heck you were? ;D

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Haha next time you guys are in my neck of the woods let me know, i'll make a better effort on getting out there to ice some tacos. Happy New year

Nice yellow gold!  I know that place…

Team CO.F.F.:

--- Quote from: Bigassbassman on Dec 31, 2022, 04:11 PM ---Nice yellow gold!  I know that place…

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Taking some of my girls from the bball team I coach, out tomorrow to get their first ice experience...Hoping for the same action, less wind though lol.

Hey Tyler, pretty sure I fished next to you on Thursday, I was the guy that had the bald eagle swoop down and steal a perch  :o.

Fishing was great from 1:00 -3:00, but was not a fan of the 3-4 inches of slush/water on top of the ice  >:(

Glad it wasn't windy that day, great video as always!



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