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Perch smackdown

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Team CO.F.F.:
Got out last week for a little under 2 hours before getting blown off the lake, but it's all the time we needed. Lots of action with a good haul of sizable perch, mostly all above 8" and about 30% of them above 10".

Jigged from 18-30 feet, with swedish pimples, small tungsten jigs, and some hand tied flies that mimic a waxworm. My GF tied the fly and it was a killer, I caught 1 for ever 7-8 that she caught lol. Partly cloudy weather but ridiculous amounts of wind from the minute we got there, to the minute we left. It seemed to keep increasing so we got out of there, as there seemed to be a storm rolling in too. 4" of ice as well, figured it would've been more but still solid.

Rolled in around 12, always nice to get a fire bite after sleeping in. Other side note, got my first ever pike through the ice!!
Pics below and video link too if you have time🎣

Nice video! You're fishin' Brewski hours. Get going around "the crack of noon" ;D

Team CO.F.F.:

--- Quote from: grababrewski on Dec 29, 2022, 06:36 PM ---Nice video! You're fishin' Brewski hours. Get going around "the crack of noon" ;D

--- End quote ---

Only thing we were missin was some brews...Next time!!

Nice work! I love the late start quickish sessions. ive been getting on the ice around 2 lately  ;D

Man I wonder where the heck you were? ;D


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