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Team CO.F.F.:
The ice is getting lower in elevation!!

One of our favorite brook trout lakes had enough safe ice to fish, so we decided to do a brook trout catch and cook ON THE ICE with one of my buddies, Drew! Drew had never had fried trout, a fish tail chip, a brook trout to eat, or had caught a brook trout through the ice until this day! He also smashed his PB, along with Cheyenne.

The bite was INSANE! Besides the full stringer of fish, we managed to catch what we safely estimate between 50-60 trout! All brookies with a few rainbows...We had a plethora of presentations work for us this day, including multiple tungsten jigs from Dynamic Lures, small swimbaits from various companies, live waxworms/mealworms, and the K-rip and T-rip lipless cranks from Kenders outdoors.

ICE REPORT: EARLY ICE! Be careful out there...After spud barring out a path with the full bib outfits on and other safety gear on standby We fished from 6" to 3.75" of ice throughout the day, with the main ice we fished being 4". The main spot we fished was bout 15 yards away from open water, made Drew a little nervous😄...Really solid ice clear ice for the most part, with about 1/4" of lighter cloudier ice on the top layer in some parts, Max depth we got too that day was about 5.5 feet, and the water clarity was CRYSTAL CLEAR! You'll see a shot in the video and also pictured below!

Hope you all enjoy! Really fun action with some really good food at the end! Pictures below and video link below as well!!

Great pictures.👍

Yum!  Nice colors-

Team CO.F.F.:

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Thank you! Easy when the fish are that beautiful😀

Team CO.F.F.:

--- Quote from: SLAYERFISH on Dec 01, 2022, 06:20 PM ---Yum!  Nice colors-

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It was delicious! Ice season has been great so far, you guys going to make it up to my area this year?


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