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Hello all it is getting closer! Saw ice on small pond in Wethersfield this morning! Hoping for a X Mas ice trip ! :icefish:

 First ice sighting of the season! Good to hear metal. :tipup:

Saw a couple of swamps and a small private pond skimmed over yesterday and today. Pond opened up in the warmth of the afternoon but it's just a teaser with the warm weather coming later this week.

But it's definitely on the way!

Ravo Himself:
This morning in enfield. Small pond had about 5/8". Still got a long way to go but the water temps are there. Just need a good cold front

hey guys im a little dissapointed in the lack of enthusiasum here. i know we are weeks away but we are getting there. i don't know about you but i'm getting antsy and ready to go. when i saw a couple of local small ponds skimed over the juices started flwing


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