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Facebook is saying 6inches in front of Regina beach on the ice conditions Sask Group. I went to  Dellwood reservoir this afternoon 9 to ten inches there but it is not a very large lake  I was surprised there was that much ice but there is also very little snow on top.

Oh awesome ! Thanks for the info.

Run-n-gun Walleye Chaser:
Nice, thanks for the info!

maybe I'll head down Sunday then. I imagine at very least I can fish by Hendersons Beach, if there's already 2" at Sorenson.

Looks like temperatures are going to be on the plus side next week. That can't be good.

Run-n-gun Walleye Chaser:
Went near Sarnia today. 6" of ice everywhere I checked, lots of it clear as glass. There are sections where the wind made sections with tons of creaky cracks.

Slow day, got skunked. Had one nice pike on, could see him through the ice which was sweet! He cut through my walleye test before I got him though.


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