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Lake Diefenbaker 2022-2023

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8 inch of ice in Coteau Bay. There were some fishermen before me.

The main lake froze over already at Gardiner Dam. But I did not check ice thickness. It looks very thin in the main lake.Thanks to the recent deep freeze, one should be able to walk on in the bays near the dam.

Just curious if anyone has any info on how much snow is on the backroads connecting to Lake Dief near Riverhurst

Run-n-gun Walleye Chaser:
I was out last Wednesday on Coteue bay. Hit the perch pretty good at 19 feet, was hoping for something to come feed on them but no dice. Ice was very thick in side places 12" plus, others as low as 8". Snow cover in the bay on the ice, but the main lake was iced but clear. After this freeze the main lake might be good.

Anyone willing to trade some lake info for some beer? I have no experience in a lake Like Dief so would appreciate safety tips, water depth for fish, hell I don't even know if there are still rainbows or brookies here!

Tight lines and thick ice all!

One thing I have consistently heard on this forum is that the ice thickness can vary a lot from one area to Never never "assume" that it is Save or the same thickness everywhere.!!! And apparently there's several places where there used to be gas wells prior to the lake being formed by the dam that are still "bubbling" up and creating shallow ice/ soft spots that are not marked and are Dangerous.... ALL just hearsay on here  But I chose to ONLY drive in areas where I can SEE tire tracks in the snow and even then I still stick close to the bank....where I KNOW the ice " should" be 12 inches plus

Run-n-gun Walleye Chaser:
I hadn't heard about the gas areas,  but I'll keep that in mind! I'll make sure to follow the tracks. Thanks!


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