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Just looking for some info on ice conditions around Elbow, especially after this warmer weather.  Wanting to head out Saturday/Sunday. 

Burbot Master:
Access at Elbow Harbour is good. Watch for hard drifts on the ice but you should be able to pick your way around them.

I fished out of the Harbour yesterday ,fished 4 different areas and marked 4 fish in 6hrs ,very slow ,perch have disappeared, even the whites were not there , there is a burbot bite that starts around 5pm . Hope it picks up towards March. Drove in 2wd on the ice no problem getting around. And ice was a consistent 26" ++.

Is anyone familiar where the Pavillion is? heard through a friend that read and seen pics from someone on a Facebook page they broke though in multiple spots.. It had looked like the water level dropped below the ice level. Any one else experience or hear this? Photos on there were pretty creepy. Im not really sure how this would happen other than them allowing water through?

Burbot Master:
The Pavilion is the Visitor Information Center located right at the end of the Gardner Dam. Hollow spots like this occur annually because the lake feeds the South Saskatchewan river and the water level in the lake drops and leaves ice hung up near the shore.


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