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Blackstrap 2022-2023

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Churchill River:
The bite was really good today until 3, and then they shut down.

For people coming out this weekend to move their shacks, both launches are in good shape.  Just a little icy.  You can take a better run at the South launch then the North one.

Churchill River:
All the blowing today didn't do anything to the launches.  Both were really good when I came off today. 

I went out Friday morning and, despite the wind, had some great fun. The morning bite 8-12 still seems best for me. It definitely dwindles off after, except for pike on the tipups. The walleye was a big suprise, it was the first time I just had one eat. I didn't have to work it at all.

I also went out Saturday but it was slower, and just as windy. Both launches were getting snowed into pretty good towards 2pm or so when I left. Good luck to everyone getting their shacks off!


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