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Blackstrap 2022-2023

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Went out Tuesday and first holes we drilled by north launch were very murky, we moved 100 yards northwest and water was very clear. Between 2:30-3:00 we landed 8 perch, but all went back in to grow a bit. Beautiful day to be out.

Churchill River:
Not many out for a Saturday on the South end today.  Perch were light biting today...tons of them on the flasher and camera, just weren't hungry.  Still had enough action to keep us busy, and it was a  very nice day out there. 

Just wondering if anyone is driving on in the north end? I'm considering fishing the derby with my son but if we can't drive on I'm just wondering how far we might have to walk. The only time I fished the derby it was right out from shields and a super nice day out. If there isn't good access would they do it closer to the north dam? Thanks for any info!

Churchill River:
They always have the pancake breakfast in the town hall.  For people walking out from the town hall, it isn't that far.  Just a little South East of the hall.  About 1/2 of the people walk out and 1/2 drive out. 

Churchill River:
The morning bite was very good today, then decided to do some exploring South of Evans Road.  I wasn't excited as Columbus when he saw land.  Ended up in double digits, but not one over 7 inches.  Tried 5 different spots both on the East and West side.  I can't recommend anyone going South of Evans Road, unless you want to get away from the crowd.


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