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Itís geared way down so it has a lot of power for such a small engine..
 With me and another 200 pound guy in it I would say about 8 mph..


--- Quote from: zcm_82 on Nov 07, 2022, 05:58 AM ---Looks good.  :thumbsup:

I need to put some of those skid bars on the bottom of my DX. With snow not always being in the picture here, it's getting chewed up from dragging across dirt/rocks.

--- End quote ---

 These are the ones I used..

Thanks. :) I need to do something with it or I'm gonna end up wearing holes through it one of these next couple seasons. Rocks and that plastic aren't pals.

Awesome job Dom!!  :clap: :bow:  Will be looking forward to the maiden voyage and how it works out for you!

Thanks Ed.  Works good in the yard with me and another guy in the sled.
 Hope your feeling better pal..


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