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I have one of those big six-sided ice tents that Cabela's used to sell - the one that is about 11' across, black, 2 doors - and of course they haven't made them for a while now.  I had a pole and a hub break last year.  Any advice on tracking parts down?  I checked with Cabela's but what they have doesn't match up unfortunately.  Thinking might have to bite the bullet and get a new one but we really like the size of this one .

hardwater diehard:
Most major manufacurers have poles and need to measure the length and diameter of the well as the diameter of the hub ball and socket.

The Cabela's tent I had was made by clam. It was the version before the one they're selling right now. Parts were interchangeable with clam models.  Cabela's doesn't make any of their own branded gear. Just gotta find out who the original mfg was.  Mine literally said "clam ice team" on the side as well.

Driveway markers work well for the poles. Cheap and can get them at Can tire, Walmart, Peavy etc.

If you haven't already fixed this, I would 2nd the use of the driveway markers for the pole replacements.  But you had also indicated a hub may be busted as well..?  If so, that is less manageable without contacting the manufacturer... But you can still try Cabelas as they usually keep a stock of poles and parts in the back to fix shacks...


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