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Snowmobile Transformation into an Ice Fishing Machine

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Heckuva great job!! I appreciate someone that can do it/make it themselves!  :thumbsup:

Nice setup. For me this works the best.


--- Quote from: bart on Oct 17, 2022, 07:13 AM ---Very nice job! Looks like quality workmanship!

The only thing I might question is the placement of the tow hitch, it is positioned at the furthest rearward and highest point of the rear rack. It may not be an issue but it may add additional stress to the rack and effect the ride of the sled depending on the weight of the shanty and contents in the box? Most tow hitches I have seen are low and tight to the sled.

BTW, the ice fishing decals are a nice touch.

Great Ice Fishing Machine!

--- End quote ---

Hi Bart, the hitch position was a consideration and I agree with what you are saying about the preferred location.  I decided to put the hitch where it is for two reasons... 1) was concerned that with the rear rack extending so far behind the end of that machine that if the hitch was low and closer to the tunnel and I went over a snowbank for example (causing the front of the machine to go up and the rear down) that the rack would come down and contact the rigid (not rope) towbar I use for my flip over shelter and bend the rack, the tow bar or both  and 2) My plan all along has been to keep minimal equipment (ie weight) in my flip over (main reason I have a large storage box on the machine) so I should only be pulling about 130# if using my 2 man or about 80# if I use my one man shelter with pretty much only a heater, 5# propane tank and a Vex type battery as the only "equipment" in the shelters.  That's also why I went with heavier wall tube for the rear rack and made it somewhat of a truss design - hopefully will be plenty beefy for the pulling I plan to do.  I'm sure I will learn some things this ice season that I will want to modify for next year but - hey - that's 1/2 of the fun of this ice fishing addiction we have :0)

Cool! It's a great Ice Fishing Machine and hoping to see a few pics of it in action!

Stay safe and good fishing to you, sir.


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