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I had a old 1988 Honda foreman.   Always started didn't have a issue pulling a thing for ice fishing.   But the suspension was so hard riding due to the age I talked to the wife and she said go buy a new one. 

That I did.  2020 Honda foreman. 520, efi.  Electric shift, front locker, and electric steering.   It did not come with a manual pull starter.  I did how ever add that to the ATV, a light bar up front, heated handle grips and a 3500# winch.   Also stepped up from the 25" tires to 27's and it does just great here.

It's street legal and insured so I can drive it to town or any place I want to.   

Currently we have gotten a lot of snow and looking pretty hard at a set of tracks for the ATV.    Maybe next year.

I went new because I didn't want to deal with someone else's problems.


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