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carrying shanty on sled


Uncle Al:
I live in Michigan and fish on Saginaw Bay. Every year mother nature puts her ugly face into the wind and turns the bay into a romper room. Shoves, busted ice, glare ice, slush, every winter is different, and you never know which one will be here. What you do know is that towing your shanty on the ice is going to wear holes in it, or completely destroy it. At the cost of these newer shantys no one wants to buy a new one every year, or other year, especially guys like me that are retired, and living on a budget. What I want to do is take the seat off my 96 polaris 2 up trail touring sled and put a short seat on it, and carry my shanty on the back where the seat was. No one ever rides on the back so I don't have anything there now but the seat. Anyone done this, or have pics of what I have in mind. thanks


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