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Potential New State Record Brown Trout - West Hill Trout Slay Day

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--- Quote from: hardfloor on Mar 07, 2022, 09:38 PM ---Great fish. Not many fishers ever get that kind of fish, myself included but not even close to the record brown. Not
 to take anything away from your catch but lots of bigger stocked see'4s have been landed the last few years

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Im with you.  Novelty fish really.  Still awesome to see but personally prefer giant holdovers like a lake north of east twin has.


Youíre not fooling me, Iím a professional photographer and know photoshop when I see it. Thatís a striped bass in a brown troutís clothing. ;-)

Nice fish!

--- Quote from: dbarnum24 on Mar 06, 2022, 07:43 PM ---My brother caught this fish of a lifetime on the potential last day of ice fishing this season in CT. My middle brother recorded the 5 min long fight and I landed the fish at the hole. 30Ē and 15+ lbs in 2 ft of water. While the record is 27.5 and this fish was 30 inches, we didn't have a bump board or even a tape with us to make the catch official. Looking back at it, I should have called DEEP to come check it out as we used our jet sled as a livewell and the fish was in great condition. I know that it is a stocked Seeforellen, but still an unreal fight nonetheless. It was caught using a 26 inch ultralight meant for panfish and small trout on a 1/16oz tungsten jig with a soft plastic trailer. This fish is unofficially the state record brown trout for length. All three of us combined for 68 fish, all caught jigging, in under 3 hours. Day to remember!

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Great catch. Congrats.

  Awesome fish, GREAT Job and great pictures, congrats on the release, must have been hard to let go??


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