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Potential New State Record Brown Trout - West Hill Trout Slay Day

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My brother caught this fish of a lifetime on the potential last day of ice fishing this season in CT. My middle brother recorded the 5 min long fight and I landed the fish at the hole. 30 and 15+ lbs in 2 ft of water. While the record is 27.5 and this fish was 30 inches, we didn't have a bump board or even a tape with us to make the catch official. Looking back at it, I should have called DEEP to come check it out as we used our jet sled as a livewell and the fish was in great condition. I know that it is a stocked Seeforellen, but still an unreal fight nonetheless. It was caught using a 26 inch ultralight meant for panfish and small trout on a 1/16oz tungsten jig with a soft plastic trailer. This fish is unofficially the state record brown trout for length. All three of us combined for 68 fish, all caught jigging, in under 3 hours. Day to remember!

Great day! Congratulations

Congrats - how about a pic

Post Image is giving me hassles. It won't upload any of my pictures. Any suggestions? If you want to see pictures you can go to my FishBrain @devanbarnum

I went to Fishbrain and checked it out, damn!! That is a nice fish. I was on East Twin Saturday and caught a 4.5 pound brown and thought that was big lol!. What a way to end the season, congrats!


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