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DIY Track Sled (AKA Snow Dog)


Who's building one? Been working on ours for the last 2 weekends. Need to get the handle bars and throttle cable installed. Debating on whether or not to install a cowel. I'll try to get a video of the test run yesterda.


You will never want to drag and walk again.....ever. They are awesome. I no longer have to take green bombs with me and can haul a 20 pounder and not be concerned about how much weight do I have to drag. The old long drags become a quick ride.

Nice setup Krispcritter, thank you for posting.

I've been watching quite a few track sled videos on YouTube. Most of them are made from donor snowmobile tracks. But for me i would want one that could fit sideways on a 4 x 8 folding trailer. Put the tracsled up front sideways and my Bay Runner towards the back. Maybe it won't work that way to even get the tracsled on the trailer completely. anyway, I am keeping my eye our for a used snowblower with tracks. Bad thing is that where I live they don't allow motorized vehicles on the ice. But Iplan on going up north to Wisconsin and it would be nice to have a tracsled to pull me and my gear around. Last winter was my first year ice fishing up north and it was a bear walking everywhere on the Chetek Chain. We didn't walk far. I don't want a snowmobile or a 4-wheeler. These tracsled are ideal.   


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