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First time out this winter


Its been about -30 here for days now but we decided to go out for an hour or so this afternoon to try out the new shack. Shack was nice and we managed a few stockers and a couple of perch but saw quite a few trout on the camera. Fished this spot a lot this past spring/summer and did well so confident we should have a great ice season as well. Weather suppose to break on Saturday/Sunday so we will be back at it again then.

Nice, looks like everyone was comfy in the shack.

Got out again today for a few hours, caught a couple bit better fish but a lot of stockers and perch in the mix. Micro leech still the best hook of the day.Fished between 12-16 ft most all of the day. Had the jigger set at about 8ft but never got a touch on that.


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