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Digger vs. Jaws of Ice


Debating between the two -  not sure if there are big differences or pros/cons to each but just wondering if anyone has any feedback on one or the other? Thanks

My Digger is on it's second snowmobile, now starting it's 7th year (12000 miles) of hard service, no problem with it to date.  The Jaws of Ice looks good also, I could see that at times the second clamp would be nice if you are really beating it up on tough bush trails, the downside is that it is a second clamp to deal with when hole hopping.  For long runs down bad trail I will occasionally put a tarp strap on the back of the Digger for a hold-down.  I would take a hard look at both units, as to how they will attach to your machine, one might outshine the other for your application.

First season with the Digger on my Snowdog.  I had to shorten it to fit my application but it works great so far.  I was afraid that the Jaws of ice would loosen and not provide a tight hold on my auger. 

Thanks for the replies guys - I ended up ordering a bucket/jaws of ice combo from weeders digest:

I had the same concerns with the jaws of ice opening/closing and being tight enough. I guess we’ll see how it does and can provide some feedback once I get some use out of it.

Bought the Jaws of Ice last year, absolutely loving it.  The only thing I had to "modify", if thats even the right term, is I need to attach a bungee cord to the head of the auger to keep it from spinning.  Probably wouldnt hurt if i didnt, but I still do.


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