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New to me IQ 550f, To Stud or Not to Stud...

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Arctic Addict:
I personally would put picks on the sled.  I totally get that you think you don't need them but i've seen guys not able to get their sleds on tilt trailers due to ice in the parking lot.  I've also seen times where the snow was icy and the track wouldn't bite going up hills and ineffective braking going down hills onto the lake.  I guess it depends where you fish.  For me, it's picks all the way and i ride a 2000 model year sled.  Your 2012 will be just fine.

If you have a 4-wheeler, consider using that when there is glare ice and the snowmobile when there is snow.  One downside to studs can be the damage they may do to the floor of your trailer, or whatever you haul the machine in, unless you have floor protection, also they will scratch up concrete floors.  If you don't haul your machine, or have no concern for trailer, or concrete floors, then consider studs. I run a snowmobile up here 5 months of the year, I won't use studs.


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