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What is the best access to this Larson lake. I know people used to take the powerline intertie off of Yoder but it does not appear to be used anymore. I also thought that going to the end of Question Lake drive then taking the power line might work but that last hill down to the lake would be a killer. I heard there is a way in at the end of Comstat road but we got lost when we tried that a few years ago.   A friend and I hit it up this weekend by parking a the end of Mastodon drive. Unfortunately, we ended up getting b***hed out by a cabin owner when we stopped to ask questions. He said that Mastodon parking was only for land owners. He said the trail crossed peoples property and was only for property owners.  We fished anyway as we where already on the lake fishing when we asked him questions. fishing was OK. We tried a few different spots between 15 and 35 feet of water with no fish. We moved out deep and started catching fish. We did not catch anything big. They where about 2 to 6 pounds. we fished in 120 feet of water and caught fish from 20 feet down to the bottom.  We normally don't fish that deep for Lakers I find most 10 to 30 feet down. We did not think it was that deep where we drilled and we where going to move but then started marking fish on the bottom.

fished it one a few years ago and i believe we took the trail at the end of mastadon.  We did go by a few cabins on the way out there. didnt have any issues with any one though. I know i wanted to try to take the power line when we went but my buddy knew the other trail from when he went out there with his friend.  His buddy has a cabin on the lake so that was our "out" if someone called us on it. I think that power line would probably have a trail on it, if i remember right it did looks a little steep in some places.

This wasn't the first time that we went in from Mastodon also. It the first time that anyone has said anything to us.  The person didn't even go out of his way to talk to us we stopped him to ask him about fishing and he went off on us. The worst part is that he had a bunch of setts out for burbot that he wasn't closely attending as the regs say to do but he was more concerned about a couple catch and release fisherman. Oh well. I don't even know if the lake has any large fish in it but it was fun catching them on med light tackle. it doesn't seem like they fight hard on that lake. I am sure I will  go back.


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