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Best Area to live around Anchorage for ice Fishing


Hi Guys,

I'm looking a few years down the road, but I'll more than likely have to move to Anchorage in a few years for work. I love ice fishing. Is there an area within an hour drive of Anchorage that would be worth living in with reasonably close (within an hour, so within 2 hours of anchorage) access to ice fishing? Thanks for any advice!

There’s ice fishing in Anchorage, so I think you’ll be just fine.

if you are going to work in anchorage but dont want to live there check out eagle river, chugiak, birchwood area. South of anchorage within a hour or so there isnt much for ice fishing. There are alot of stocked rainbow and char lakes in anchorage (smaller fish with some bigger brood stock mixed in). North of anchorage a hour and a half or so there are more lakes then you can shake a stick at and the fishing seems to be better for bigger fish. Most of the fishing around anchorage is stocked rainbows and char. go further north and a few lakes have eel pout and lake trout.  There are pike out in the wasilla area as well.

One thing about Alaska is that it is big so be prepared for long drives. There is good fishing all over southcentral but be prepared to drive. From Talkeetna to the north and Soldotna to the south there are more lakes to be fished than most places in the lower 48. living in Anchorage, Eagle River and Palmer is good because you are in the center of all the good fishing. You can do a day trip to Swanson River Road near Soldotna or a day trip to Talkeetna from there. If you live in Soldotna there are plenty of good lakes in the area but a road trip to Talkeetna is a long, long trip. The ADF&G lake data base can give you a good idea of what is in the area.   


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