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bullhead bandit:
4" on some puddles Saturday.  Only landed a few dink rainbows and grayling, but that's what we were expecting.  Just wanted to get off the couch.  Might try some better prospects this weekend.

But those weren't the first thing I pulled out of the ice this year...

I got invited to a recovery expedition last Tuesday and reeled in this catch on some 2,500 lb. test.  There was probably 5" around it as well as frozen solid mud.  Long story, but the guy spent a cold night in the woods and was greeted by the troopers the next day after a friend reported him missing.  He wasn't charged with anything except being ill prepared and making poor choices.

Nice work! I love hearing about early ice.  From what ive seen, you are first this year.  Or at least first to post! Wish I lived in Alaska.  We might be close in Wyoming this weekend when we get negative temps. 

Snowmobile club started ice measurements here in Yellowknife Sunday and depending on the water body we have anywhere between unsafe and 10" of ice inside the city limits.


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