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Well with this Corona virus closing lots down in BC on the news today does that mean everyones going to be out fishing much more in the near future?.
 Schools saying they are not allowing kids to schools- im sure all the teachers are fist pumping in joy, to have all the extra time off.. Restaurants, Casinos, gyms, etc all closing much of their normal stuff as well..
Some of the best times of the year is right about now for ice fishing some awesome lakes, sun and warm weather, awesome conditions in all areas to snowmobile into great lakes..
Hopefully everyone gets out and can do a lil bit of self isolation reeling in big fish in the near future..    :icefish: :icefish:

- oh and remember max two fisherman per lake  :)

I've been going a lot lately.

Not ice fishing though since the ice is now melting and is sketchy.

+8 here today.  Will go out later this week cause a friend wants fish.  Media has blown this so far out of proportion it isn't funny.  Covid 19 3000 deaths and normal flu is at 30000 deaths.  Nothing strange here.

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