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Last time for lake trout. Last post for this year.


Heading out tomorrow for a last try at some lake trout. The ice is shrinking.
On some lakes you need a 38 inch auger bit due to the ice/slush/ice/slush/ice/slush thickness. Add 16 inches of snow on top and boy can it get interesting. Gaff for big lakers isn't long enough. Lake trout lake is 6 inches of ice and like I said shrinking. 3 inches of white ice/2 inches of slush and 3 inches of black ice. Last time tomorrow. Break up is starting early. Rivers are thundering.
Brandon it is up to you to keep the site rolling!!

It was a good day.  30", 27 and 26 inch lake trout.  My old fishing bud kept the 27.  I like fishing if you guys hadn't noticed.  No I like catching fish.  LIG

Some of the best ice fishing ive ever had was late season when the suns out and still lots of ice.  Good to see your getting out and getting into some nice fish.


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