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Underwater Perch on Swan Lake attacking spoons!



I know this is BC, but people love perch.  Sure is nice to get on an aggressive perch bite.  We don't have many lakes in AB where they attack large spoons like this.  Minnow bite perch can be super aggressive.

Jumbo Perch Ice Fishing is one thing I just can't get enough of.  This was a great evening bite with perch of all sizes coming through consistently.  They have been attacking minnows in this lake and their behavior really is aggressive.  Using a Northland Tackle Buckshot Flutter Spoon was a great way to get their attention, trigger bites and keep some of the smaller fish off the hook.  Some of the big fish inhaled the spoon like they probably do with unsuspecting minnows.  I hope these little methods help you get onto a good perch bite before the end of the season this year.  If not this year you'll be ready for early ice next winter. 

I was using a GoPro Hero camera for the underwater footage.  With the Snow, low light and falling sun it was still decent footage underwater.  Hope you enjoy it.  Let me know if I should compile the underwater footage for a longer underwater video with commentary on triggering techniques. 

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