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This is purely a curiosity question, as I'm sure I'll try it sometime anyway.....

Has anyone tried using "Wooly Worms/Buggers" under the ice for trout ??

I've used them often in the summer & have caught some nice size fish with darker colors like black/dark green/green. I've tried green sinking nymphs & some leech patterns under the ice before with some luck, but was just wanting to hear about anyone's experience with the "Wooly's". - Thanks !!

Iíve had good success with little leech pattern I tied with squirrel strip instead of rabbit. I put a big tungsten bead on it so it works as a jig or to cast. Biggest problem I have with any flies for ice fishing is the fur or feathers freeze while Iím moving from hole to hole.

I've used wooly buggers for ice fishing, even tied some 1/8 th oz jigs with them for ice fishing, Marabou jigs also work well.

A balanced leech can be a killer under the ice, since they sink horizontal! Not necessarily a bugger, but I count em in the same family.
I've been working on a balanced minnow fly that I'm gonna try this winter, but maybe I'll whip up some balanced buggers as well and let you know how they fish.

Oh, also, try something that mimicsor resembles water boatman/back swimmers, the trout I catch are full of them and snails. I caught one on a rubber legged pattern I tied. 


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