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What are people running for good laker rods these days? Need something with fast action, good power for quick hook sets and enough back bone to tame a 25-30lber. Prefer the 36-42" length. Currently have a Clam Jason Mitchell elite mackinaw 36" MH baitcast with spiral guides, and an older Mitchell brush n rod. The JM is great and I'd like another one or two but they are now discontinued. Limited selection for good rods here in Canada it seems..

I use 30" med/light Ugly Stix for walleye and have caught many Lakers, Pike, and a couple Steelhead, as well.  They are very nice rods for medium and large fish alike!

I use 2 M/H Ugly stick 48" with Diawa LC 17 and it works well.

Hallyslayer - I have the same clam JM rod and wish I would have bought another if they are discontinued.  Too late now I guess. The other rod I use a lot is a Clam Dave genz split handle 36 mh spinning. I like it for lure weights up to 3/4 oz. I also have the same rod but a 40 H, but is too stiff for my liking unless using lures heavier than 1 oz.

I have found several models online after several hours of looking. The genz split handle were high on my list but can't find one in stock anywhere. Prefer the baitcast but appears the only one out there is a 34" jason mitchell, can't find one in stock anywhere either. Spinning is alright. The HT Laker Pro in 38" is the only one I can find in stock anywhere and the shipping is more than the price of the rod. Ridiculous. Might have to hold tight until next season. Tough when I've got a month or more of good ice left.


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