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Ugly stik dock runner

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Rods are just Goldilocks perfect for northerns (and lakers). Old school UglyStick action and backbone. Gave the reels to my three year old grandson and slapped on some size 35

President XL's. Bring 'em on.

I put some okuma stratus reels on the ones Iím using. I now have a few more that need reels, just need a decent reel at a cheap price that I donít have to clean and re grease to use in winter.

I use a small okuma avenger and it works good

Well, for what I wanted to use these rods for, I ended up getting a couple Okuma baitfeeder reels.

Van Noord:
I'll be using two of these rods this hardwater season.
One as a walleye deadstick with a Sienna RD1000 and the other for jigging, ripping lipless cranks and flutter spoons with a One3 Creed GT 2000.

Coincidentally, I just found the identical rod in the Uglystik ice series called the Ice Runner on clearance for almost $10 I ordered 4 more lol. Exact same rod only with blue graphics instead of red.


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